Flowers Meant To Flourish…!!




Standing on

As I was honest


Felt that should have unshared

Nor about love or being friendliness


Or about how I was feeling

And how you felt


Was about worthiness

Lately came to know


I did hurt many

No matter, how you felt I was

But none how one was…..!



Many never understood

Many went ahead after math too…


Standing on the street

Looking back and forth

Saw many and passed by

Worseness in me

Wealthiest in you


As I maintain the surcharge

Of being happy in you

For you was far away

As you never expected me


My message till now

You felt that I degraded

As I wasn’t till date


But in fact see the feelings blossoming in

When you grow in


As for me every flower

No matter it sustained

What humans felt

It gave it essence, in one way or the other


So did this flower too…



Existence in its way

Feelings how you felt

Feelings how I overtook it…


Smiling all the way

Nor for me and you

For the essence

Of being on this earth

One day, I am sure

You will flourish this flower too…..!!



Image Source: Google Images


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