Disclosed many..!!






Many things stumbling in…


Till now it was me…


Many times one should be ‘be- hearted ‘

To others too…


As such life and love

Was bought into you…


Closed feelings

Open hearted


As we were trying to read each other

Sometimes laughing at the sluggishness

Sometimes at the moment which never seen…



A girl and a guy…

Happened to be in this story…


Virtually and Reality closer by

As every words were heard

In each other’s heart…


Stepping stones

For a longer life of each other


Stepping moments

Wished it had thousand years of happiness

Of such moments…


No matter

At times, downturn, slowdown

Never dithered

In Fact will remind, of our togetherness

How we struggled in life…..


As long as love upheld hatred

Peace and respect maintains humanity…


Soothing Voice

Which hard to give up

Every second

Meant to beat my heart


If haven’t heard

Would loosen my rest

Feelings, giggles and love

Just for you

As I was meant

Just for you and ever



Image Source: Google Images


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