Instinct different…!!!









Sometimes wrong

When we evaluate them


Sometimes before conclusion

One’s right, about them


‘Now some other thing in my prose’


Cast, Colour, Creed

Doesn’t matter


What matter what we were

In others eye too


N o matter

One being right at time


No matter

We couldn’t be a part of strong voice


Today, Standing by

For the unanimous

Of togetherness


So that every soul

Bought in

Could be a part of this peace and place


No matter

Whether we are

Scientist, Engineer, Doctors some many and none

No matter

What we do


At least

Solving and clearing

The dearth nearby


Solving and resembling

A shadow of wealthiest

In their eyes

Who couldn’t see what we had


A nature

Of beauties

Only dealt

When good thing was killed by wrong

When we still relate a black and white

When we still relate a girl and a boy

When evil was in our heart and many

When every then were the same


Standing side by side

When every other had rights

For smiling throughout their lives

For bringing onto this world

As a seed to grow in

In different shades


Welcome to a land called



Where perception of living in every continent

Is still seen and frowned as different

Where perception of language

Is still seen as a different being

Where a colour, cast and creed

Is still being given importance

Where a human being and his mankind

Is still being co related from where they brought in


And we still explore happiness in mars

And no man’s land

As we haven’t yet

The happiness and worst thing

Still resides in our heart



As we still wove

For every kneed

Together we can stand and behold

The beautifulness of every nature tied in


Image Source: Google Images


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