Unresolved Doubts…!!




Closed eyes

So that none could see me

What one was


Closed heart

So that people till now

That I was invertible different from them


Closed mind

As solutions you needed

So that one could resolve me


As always solutions and problems

Never meant, as we learnt mathematics of life

It all turned on, how we resolved it

And how we still caress the unanswered one


Sometimes hurt burns

For the questions accumulated

Giving the same reason of answer to many


As I am not a superficial God

To answer you the best


Being human

Was just to sustain you

Sometimes more than me


Being human at times

When none could understand the problems within

No need a condolence from any

As this heart always had better than many


As this heart was always with you

To resolve yours and none mine


So that one day I could help many

And as always I am the best to resolve me



Image Source: Google Images



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