Selfish Love Regained…!!








Cruising on a ship

A captain, sailor and members together

My love as always comfortable in my arms too



Flying on a plane

A pilot, crew member

Screwing air controller and worrying passengers too

But my love of well being was comfortable in my arms too



Travelling on a lonely road

A driver, a companion

None could you see

As happiness was on the road

As one thought about it

But my love of well being was comfortable in my arms too


Sometimes blue sky with clouds

In air

Sometimes blue waves

In water

Sometimes lonely desert

On road too



Green Jungle with life

Yellow Deserted with thorns

Water with submerged love


Fresh air of aroma

Existed at different scenario

As breathing in

Was tough again


One day

When I was selfish

Only thinking about me

I was the owner

Of sailing through the breeze in sea

Of screaming through the air at altitude

Of sustaining loneliness in bizarre of sun in road

As there were none this time

I would think about too


As one had thought of happiness beyond

But I got, what I never thought


Loving self alone was not the nature

As nature bequeathed

In loving everyone

Till the life

For the members coming in ones lives


None to forget

None to regret later

Better to understand

With what we have

And what others don’t have


Love yourself

More than that

Love to others

So that they love in

What you were not in


As life starts in

Not expecting though

But giving love for others too



Image Source: Google Images


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