100th Blog – Happy Birthday …!










On a journey of path, with many hurdles passing by, some stumbled and some moved on. Never came to know the milestone of reaching 100 blogs and that too on birthday eve. Happy enough to share my thankfulness that every other has done to me without which I couldn’t have this milestone on my birthday eve…!!


Happy to be connected with so many fellow bloggers, followers and individuals, For some I did make them attract, for some it was just another blog, for some passerby, for some other waste of it, for some making compulsion and in all having fun. For me it was learning, a stepping stone for my every new blog written, some got critiques, some got loves and like and some discarded and some finding your presence just made me happy on to my blog. Many friends were made here, came to know their feelings and about their versatility and creativity in writing every blog and comments done in.

I am overwhelmed by the stats I received during my entire tenure with

WordPress: Visitors Peek– 2898, Likes – 200+, Comments – 201, from all over the world with 52 countries happened atleast once on to my blog and how can I forget my amazing followers of WordPress counting 163 and going on

Indiblogger: Score – 84/100,

Facebook Page:  with 46 likes


And these stats will keep on growing, with every steps laid onto my blog. I just thank everyone for being a part of me on to my blog

Celebrating one more year of birthday with my friends and family, and happy for even the tiniest moment shared with me, as again without them I would have not celebrated my 100th post too.

Instead of calling it has one more birthday or one more blog to blog your mind about, I would say that every little thing has made me more mature enough towards life and thereby spreading love and peace to the world and without you it was impossible.

As when I entered into my blogging world, everything was new and never knew what to write about. Exploring with whatever skills I had and as always penning down from my heart, today makes me feel that I did do invariably different; so that I am sure it will help in my long tenure of writing.


As I wish you all again a wonderful day ahead and as always thankful enough for paving on to my heart and my blog.


Before turning off, a blog of love which was meant to spread again among you all.



Lightening the true spirit….

For some awakening

Keeping their lids open

So that they can be a part of occasion


For some waiting to share

My every though


Lightening the true heart

Felt at instance, was I different

Felt at instance when I was with you


At instance

You lightened


I am there with you


My words vanished

With your every love shown

On my eve of birthday

Your hug had the true power

Which none could have

Enjoying together

Love of Life


Not only relinquishing me

But making you see smile and awake

Made my heart

To respect you

For every now and then

In my life coming onto me


As friends meant

To curse and cuddle at times

To make me comfortable at times

When I was over learnt from you


Lightening me and many

When I was about to dither

When I was about to overturn

When I was about to love more than you

Making me feel

Lightening Life

Of you and me


As always whatever you say

This heart would always love you

For being onto my life


Warm Regards and Love,




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