Chottuu…!! (Small boy)




Chottuu…. Is a term called every then, when we visit a small hotel, dhaba, a chaiwala (tea shop), anyother shop, and anything in India


For us when we see him, he is younger in his age, and we call him chottu , please come in and serve our wish which needs to be done for present hour

We say a lot of thing about him/her who is working for self and more than that for his/her family. We think about an NGO who take cares about them. We think about how our country can develop no matter helping to develop at all other than our monetary terms

There are help lines in fact which will take away from their present job but are we sure that it really helping them. As education was not the only thing which will help them to resolve their own problems


We the country men have given every facility of Rs 1 per Kg of rice and so many absurd things, but why not our people are not moving from their hungriness


Today I told my chotu, that please tell me whether you’re going to school or being educated, he said no, I told him, that I will be helping him even in  his constraint with whatever he is doing

He simply had his finger caressing his tears, which I couldn’t see. No matter what our problems are but are we as a citizen of this country atleast helping one child.

We simply blame on the taxation and the government leave them as we can’t take care of them, people also donate to NGO’s , so that a child or any younger one or  above 14 does something.


We as a countrymen and a citizen not only educate them but financially should help them not only by NGO’s or anything which are working for them.

But to see that one day they can be a renowned person who will be in text books, wherein my child learns in his/her name.

I am sure we have lost many, this time we all should try for betterment rather than complaining about how we are and our country is……

This will never end and would never too, but a small help surely will reduce the difference we have in many. As everyone has right to be what he/she wants to be…………..


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