Candle Learnt Too…!!




Many things to share

But was told never too


I was told

I would never develop

I couldn’t have walked

When I was hurt

At times accident

At times reality


I was told

I couldn’t be like you

As you thought in


You wanted me to

Be as per your acceptance


None could have define

When I accepted the same

When you couldn’t be


Hope restrained

Hope meant to shower on me


You would never know

As I could be in


My heart in though

Always lighting

A little candle of light

Of within

When there was no power for you


A little candle to say

Who lost his significance

When there was light upon you


As I would never know

Burning from within

When I could light

So many hearts within

No matter what I was

Burning me within


There would be a day

When this candle would burn

Till its end to come in

You will be sure

Reminding of every light of love within


As a candle for hours

As a light in your heart

For many years of love to come



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