Pendulum of Platinum…!!








Platinum Day of Love


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I was meant to be many other, as always when I was wrong I felt, that there was someone who felt I was true  and there was someone who always felt I being untrue.

Today I write a story about a pendulum that always oscillated in my mind and more than that heart between you and me.


I was born, my parents and siblings saw the happiness when I was crying and that’s when the pendulum in your smile and cry at me was found has at other level which was more precious than platinum to be.


I went to school, rejoicing my parents that I was going to learn and I cried thinking that I will be lost; I saw many others like me who was crying too. I tried to match my cry with other, I found my childhood friend in my school. Who was new to me and them, but pendulum of platinum swayed between you me and many others too.


I went back home happy, but I cried again when I felled down with an injury (none other than my mistake), my neighbor friend sought all support to help, my parents came in again and scolded me and my friend, that never we should play when someone of our age get hurts and that’s called pendulum of love which swayed again between you and me as a platinum occasion.


I was in school, when I took the first scolding and beating from my teacher (which we call ma’am now), I was told to kneel down at times, I was standing on the bench and at times my monitor regardless a girl or a boy was slapped as my name was on the board of top ten who was talking about, when teacher was told to keep silence. Ha Ha… Pendulum of showering love was beginning between you, me and many others which were called platinum again.

At this age again when we never knew what affection was, found in other genders heart, thinking that was this love which was shown on television, sharing a bench with other gender was called a punishment in earl 90’s as my friends teased in, later on came to know that it was still affection and love, as we never bifurcated between pendulums oscillating so many times.


Now grown as a teenager, parents again said that these are things which you should and shouldn’t, but naturally we opposed to know what was hidden in it. Being a teenager with a friendship band and a rose on a valentine’s day in hand proposed everyone, so that atleast a girl would stick on to me as a butterfly did after finding a flower of loveliness. No matter who sticked and who shouldn’t, but our pendulum of love was beating at a faster rate which even if it would break would never come to know.


Now biting nails, which did not exist, as exams were closing in, few still deeply immersed as I early said or something else which they couldn’t come upon, few closing hard to get a better rank and few just to pass in so that we could choose an logical engineering, a practical doctor, a financial commerce and studying history and few economics and some dropped in and some in sports and many never knew and as this was the pendulum of love which was bifurcated in many directions too.


A age which was fragile again meeting so many, as I joined engineering which was brittle, subtle, lovable at times, never knew a life was really meant to share more than learning it. At times night out’s not because of exams but because how we could reduce our examination tension too. Sitting on the lawn of happiness and thinking always how other branches of engineering enjoyed, no matter we did a lot. A joy and frustrations at times was shared between pendulums of love which never was till now.


Joy of placements , some graduating and still clearing their left out exams of earlier semester, some still getting placed before their completions. Joy of being on to a voyage of unknown places at beaches, winds, nature, hills and what not, and worried of reaching our attendance though for eligibility of our exams.

Pendulum of love which again was distracted between many things as we were gaining our maturity


Joining jobs, some doing post graduation and some competitive exams and some doing nothing, in all doing something or the other hand, but still remembering our parents in every happiness and greed we found in.

Finding love in school, in college, in engineering and many on to come as bus passed by, as we found someone glittering at the window. That’s what was pendulum of short moment, some gained and many lost.


For me platinum was a pendulum, which some gained and some lost, but we perceived it, some in friendship and some in quarrel  and some in love too.

For me platinum was not though finding a true love called my better half that would be with me, but there were others too.

Pendulum of love as oscillated between you, me and many with different story.


Some was black rock and some was platinum.


In all we cherish of platinum moment on being this earth.


As every moment in life was meant to cherish with a precious thing between you, me and many called platinum.


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