Senses of Love..!!









Senses meant to play

An act of support


Senses meant to touch

Feelings of every heart


Beauty unleashed, and appreciated

Through vision of glare

Staring each other for no reasons apart

Keeping on gazing

For every moment

Diminishing the distance in life


Respiring through air

Between you and me

Aroma of smell

In every flower worn





At times rough and smooth

At times soothing every touch

When we were moving hand in hand

First drop of rain

Fell on to me and you

Touching and resonating

Hearts together


Heard the song of love

Airing between you and me

Pleasant, melody and lilting

Keeping on listening

For years to year coming in

By maintaining the tranquility of peace in life


Taste of serenity with honey

At times sour, bitter, sweet and unknown

Lost from the world

When Lips to lips held

Ultimatum of happiness

Peaked at times


Senses meant

To wove many hearts

As you and me

Lost in the happiness of love



Image Source: Google Images


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