A love saga….!!







Platinum Day of Love



Alarm beeped! Don’t know how many times it tried to wake me up. Finally I was out of my dream and was coming to the reality. Shocked! With widened eyes, as I was again going to be late to my college.

This being the first day, when new comers would join in, with much curiosity going in and around and me being the senior was going to honk around to read pretty faces which would get attracted towards every bee buzzing around..

All set and was gushing towards my pickup point which was 10 minutes away from my home, and I knew college bus would hardly wait for me. Skipped my breakfast and was running to catch my bus.

With all those hustle and tussle, saw bus leaving and I ran fast and somehow entered into. It was already jam packed, with gossips going around. Few giggling, mocking and discussing about the vacations they had. Few dumb, silent, and feared as it was their first day.

As usual I was leaning at the doorstep and was sneaking through every corner, and suddenly I struck my vision which latter never recovered. The glare she had, the pupils and the retina which was the only thing visible, depth into her eyes, mesmerized me, they were curious too and were eager about the very first day of her college.

With sudden jerk, bus came to halt at the entrance of my college. I got down and was waiting for her to come down. Even in such junk of nerd people, there was this lotus blooming out. She wore a black salwar, with her eyebrows shaded darker, every time one hand caressing her hair, every time she moved her hairs back, few still kissing her cheek making her more loveable, with every smile and blush she had when engaged in every little thing she did.

Her glimpse towards me, made my heart flutter at higher rate, and I swallowed thereby increasing thirst of love.

I know this was the first struck, but my heart was never under my control. She glared with a suspicious look and moved on and I stood watching her every footstep which she laid on the rustled leaves making more romantic with sound of beats on the background flowing in.

Every time and every day, I was just trying to catch her glimpse, but never had the guts to talk to her. She always remained engaged and I engaged in her.

This was the day, when I remained absent in my daily chores, as this was the day when I entered the bus, when she searched in about me, when I was nowhere found. I saw her searching something in the crowd, but was made clear when she struck her vision with me. She simply moved her gaze and tried to be engaged and I knew there was something cooking in her vessel too.


Somehow one day, with all those bravery and courage put up by my friends, moved in and talked to her. I simply don’t know what were my intentions and what did I talked with her. In all it was good, as in return I was grateful I was sent harmlessly without any slap on my face.

Days passed on and we kept on chatting, days passed on and now we were close friends too. We used to quarrel, used to message, used to call and shared every little bits of life.

I was placed in an MNC company and was about to move and another year had left for her to complete her studies. As time passed on, I was always engaged in my work and hardly used to talk to her. She always complaining, grinning and I was jumbled with my work and personal life.

A break was indeed needed from my official stuffs and a break was indeed needed to spend some valuable time with her.

I thought this would be the right time of proposing her and make her happy but was worried too what if she disagreed.

With all my savings done, I bought platinum rings, I know it was costly and still repaying my debts on it, but I wanted to make this proposal something special and unique.

With rings in my pocket and a rose in my hand and an unsaid letter written to her, went on to meet her. This time I reached CCD well before time, than she did. As she was late by an hour and as always one need to gulp every excuse put on by her.

Without spoiling the evening, having a sip of coffee, she began her endless talk, which hardly I listened. I told her to give it a break and read out the letter which I had written for my sweetheart.


Every moment

Every wink

I find an image of you


Every endless word talked

Every sunrise

Starts with you


A ray of hope

A dream of being together

For the lifetime

Which I want to share with you

Every sorrow and happiness

Every droplet of tears of you

I will be there holding you


Giving conformity

That my heart will never let you down

Always beating my heart for you


No matter one day

We will be old and aged

But my love towards you

Will always be young

Refreshing every moments

You had with me


I just ask you to give a thought

About my feelings

Letting me render forever in your heart


This is love

From the day one till the end

I loved to be with you



True Love






As she finished reading, with a stare at me and finally with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face, I simply bowed down, took her hand and offered her rose and asked her “will you marry me?”

She remained unfazed with initial stare and later on blush; I offered the rings which she obeyed and accepted the ring.

Thereby my love story begins from here….!!




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5 thoughts on “A love saga….!!

  1. Days filled with fun & freedom
    Hearts longing to be away from the boredom
    We would always remember those stages in life
    wherein facts are ignored
    and imaginations easily embraced.

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