Stuttered Terrain…!!!




Deprived, derived

From the things found


Fire enthralled

Water being sprinkled

Air being outrushed

Of aghast


Smoking Pain

Blurring Vision

Tears only letting

Rest unsure


Trapped at times

From the well beingness of within

From the neutral, subtle nature

From being a kind being


Feelings earthed

Deep within


Feeling molten

Outrushing an volcano


Tied, bound body was

Laying at an corner


Kneeling down

Lonely within


Pain swept by

None to know


Thrashing at times

At the same level

A sinusoidal wave

That hasn’t learnt


Fingers crossed

Not for betterment of me


Fingers crossed

For well being of you


Gaggled, Worried and unneutered


Tears fled to dry off

Seed growing within

Thorns only been seen

But flowers seen by every


Wasn’t me

The same

As you think till now


Wasn’t me

The same

As god derived me

Called my leaving…..


Flown with the winds

Dried to the summers

Consumed water to the thirst


So that none could believe and understand

That was hidden in me


No matter one day

Every other will answer

God wondering what to deliver next

So that one day

I could be the one

Standing tall, all alone

And you being behind me

Supporting and nurturing

Every well being coming in……..



Image Source: Google Images


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