Child Born For You….!!




At times

I was young too


Sparkling eyes

Unnoticed notation



As god meant too


Making my nails

Filled with dirt

When I was asleep

Working for you though


At my age of birth

Seeing you mom and dad happy though


Growing in your shelter

Warmth and happiness

Under your arms


Seeing me smile and naughty

You laughed with my mother


Pissing on shoulders of my dad

Mother laughed on to you too


Nourished, Cultured

Every small saying by you


I simply bowed

Unknowingly to almighty

Called  you



Your childhood

As parents you

 Still being young


My granny

Was the one

Who taught you

How to caress me


And I still behold

You and every other finger

Even when I wasn’t young to walk alone


I simply cry

To behold in your arms


I simply laugh

When you never understood

Be acting you all the way



I lay under our arms

Rather in bed

Making me sleep

When you told me

Unheard and never understood stories


I was young though


Grannies and grandpa

Rejoicing for their sons and daughter birth again


I know my stare at times

Made you think twice

That what I think about


Smiling and giggling

As you posed

In every photograph with me


Peddling my legs

Playing with my dad

Sucking and licking my fingers

As I was kissing you my mom


I slept in your dreams

And you always in mine


That’s what called me

A new born baby


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