Smiling the Way….!!







Absurd I was

Now and then


Searching a smile

In others face


Peeping and popping

In others life


Still unsure

What was in need


Happened one day

I saw my face

Mirror reflection

Of no emotions yet


Yet still worried

About my smile


Lost in the jungles

Buried in desert

Frozen in the mountain

Deep within sea


Landlocked feelings

Wandering every corner

None to wonder

Where was it gone


Thinking about past

Tormenting about future

Making me lose

Smile with present


Days lost on

Coming to know


Wasn’t about me

In all my life


Sometimes thunder

Sometimes rain

And many times nothing

To gain away


All was about being satisfied

More than expecting

Was happy in sharing

And giving away


Now I know

Smile which had lost

Making others live

Giving life and dream

To every other present

Who had nothing to share


That’s all about

Smile and laugh

When I saw many hearts

Beholding each other

In every moment

Of their lives


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3 thoughts on “Smiling the Way….!!

  1. Loved the theme of your poem – however, if I were you I’d probably write it slightly differently – though you have a good narrative, the structure needs to be worked upon. Just my thoughts. Don’t take it in a negative sense.

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