Thunder dreams

Shattered many


Testing times

Failing at times


Closed my eyes

At times closed my dreams


Dreams unnatural at times

As I never accepted it


Waking up

With sudden storm

Thunder, bolted on me


Saw none

Close to me

As I was far away in reach


Waking up

Tears at times

For no reasons

As I wasn’t the natural way


Trying to Close

Every dream of sleep

A hope

For the people I was with


Crossing limits

For you though

As I felt

I was in limits



Of sufficing me


Last breath

Of happiness

Was the only hope


As last breath

Could any


Time limits

Situations at limit


As I was the one

With weird limits

Trying to be far away


No matter

This time not ending

A good limit


As I don’t have the answer

Being within

My limit of thoughts


Image Source: Google Images


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