Why bring a child into this world?










Inspired by  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL-207QGzN0 and https://www.projectsunlight.co.in/#stories



Every expectant

Every mother and father

Thinking and worried about

The dreams coming in


A child with happiness

May be a boy or a girl

Equally shared too…


Every parent

Went on to see

Offering to their children’s


At times

Lonely them

Lone Souls

Some battered and survived

Called orphans


At times

Faced in wars and jungles

None could see


At times bombed

Not for them

Just to show the super power


At times nourished

With empty stomach

With a painful of bread to survive


At times worried


On cast, creed, language and gender


At times couldn’t be a part of you

For your healthiness and betterment


At times being with you

Missed small occasions of birthday of you

For the earning and survival process


At times Being far away

On duty of others child too

Simply making you my love

To be well generated


At times unmet with simple needs

Of water, food and clothing

As I was trying to be the best on to you



In all I need my children’s

To be part of a world

Peace prevailed

Happiness shared



For that to happen

One indeed

To be the right

With our deeds

Collectively we can have a better world…..



Image Source: Google Images


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