Moon and me…!!






Peeking out of the window

Traveling through journey of life


Resting my face

On the lonely pane

Coldness felt

Of despair


Traveling with a light of grief

When the moonlight

Happened to follow me


At times alone

At times with you


Darkness pertained to prevail

In gloomy of shimmering vision


At times caught

Stares by you

At times searched

Hide outs by you


All asleep

Only you and me

Sharing the nature

Of bewilders

That yet to be resolved


Every other fortnight

Either your presence

By full moon and light

Delighting me

By your presence


Every other fortnight

Either your absence

Making me dark

With stars left by you

To talk all night


With stars always

Glowing in between

At an farthest place

Still hearing and supporting

For the crazy thoughts meant to shared


At times thunders

Dark Clouds gathering in

Rainy nights

Windy storms

Blurring our vision

Making us apart

For a fraction of our lifetime

Soothing and drenching

Of weird thoughts in between


Image Source: Google Images

Fiction, Poetry, Thoughts, Weird, Rain, Wind, Storm, Moon, Me, You, Love, Hate, Night, Stars, Thunders, Life, Nature, Bewilders, Despair, Window, Travelling, Fortnight, Full Moon, New Moon




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