Mothers Child…..!!











I start days after month

 I start happiness of soreness


Not being after me

Being after every other common individuals


I thought I was the one

Who shared worseness


Today, I stand among the world

Called Humanitarian to be


Every other child drenched

In hungriness


Every Other child

Waiting for mother’s food


When mother’s love

Was swept in bloodiness

When she couldn’t eradicate….


Her child’s

Utmost important thing

Called Nutrition

Today every other child dies

And more than that a mother too


We saw

Everyone saw

Called love


But many never undergone

What was meant to be

For them Love

Was never unknown


Insist, Instinct

Pray for every child

As your child

No matter

One day they will be the one

What every mother thought too


I just salute

For every mother and child

For whatever they were bought in

For whatever faced in

For whatever sacrificed in

For whatever they gave in

Sometimes flowers

Sometimes thorns

Sometimes giving their heart away….



Tears far meant to suffice

Tears far meant from a mother too

Tears very far meant from a child too


Let’s begin a new world

Let peace prevail

Let every other live in

Let every mother has a time

Let every child has a time

To love each other

Called the ultimatum love



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