Falling from….!!










Falling from the sky

Closing Endurance

Of love on to you


Falling from

A high belief

Of friendship beneath


With open hands

Tears in eyes

Smile on face

Just for you though


No matter

That lied beneath


With accepting every other

Closing my left out emotions


With losing my weight and me

With gaining happiness


When I saw in air

Reaching earth


In between

A phase of life


Called surveillance

Of lying into your arms

Of laying my head on to you


As one day with gravity

Suppressed feelings

Will reach this earth


No matter either stone

Beheading me


No matter flowers of bed

Bestowing me


In all I lay

In a dream of world

Called belief

And that’s you

My friend, love and hope



As I never accepted from you

Other than my peaceful

Short moment

Before I live this earth

When I touched it

Called your heart…..!!


Image Source: Google Images


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