Different Journey…!!








Horizon unexplored

Meant to travel all alone


Shabbiness still exist

Trying to clear my vision


Road undefined

Many paths and sometimes none seen

Confused, Converged and at times convexed too


Potholes, Muddy, filthy

Shrubs, Trees and thorns around

In the jungle, shadow none to see


Growling, creaking, shrieking

At times sounds of hollowness

And my breath only existed


Walking, Running and many a times exhausted

With none to drench thirst existed within

With none to hold when I was wrong

With none to share wariness within

But with many to share

Their happiness, soreness they had



But I still run and move ahead

As this world was not meant for me alone

Many relying on to me

Many dreams still existed

And I behold every desire

So that one day

I can uphold the smile on to your face


I behold every promise we had

As every other was important to me

As every smile catered and multiplied among many




Image Source: Google Images  & http://santhoshagubbi.blogspot.in/2010/05/journey-to-land-of-corbet.html


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