Was your Love..!!




Craving in

Deepening at times

Pumped with every drop of blood

Every breath filtered

Was your love…


Every Word attached

As a string of love

Talked, Whispered in your ears

Was your love


Smile bought in

At the cost of shyness

Eyes were the only one

 That meant to talk

Was your love…


Sometimes queries

Sometimes astonished

Eyebrows raised and frowned

As two hearts were getting known each other

Was your love…


Chilling winters

Hugs all around

Warming each other

With every heart beat increased in

Was your Love…


Celebrations regardless of season though

Every moment were the first time

To share and flourish in love

As it was your love again…


As love happened

To make two hearts into one

As it was our love…




Image Source: Google Images


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