More Loved….!!




Closed Eyes

Embraced you


Waiting for sleep

To dream of you


Touching every now and then

Feelings and moments shared with you


Remembering the last breath

Before depart

Close enough

And the aroma still exists


Touch of you resting on my shoulders

Touch of petals on to my lips

Touch of you lying on to my heart


Incredible and unforgettable

That I still remember you


Drop of tear shedding in

As every drop made me love you more


For the reason

As I have never found

Someone like you

Someone who would love me more than me


Nothing to compare

But making me fall into love

For your every care and belief on to me


I still hope

I would keep my promise

As long as until my last breath


Image Source: Google Images


2 thoughts on “More Loved….!!

    • hey Debarati… thanks a lot for considering me part of this award and I was overwhelmed… you made my day and in fact night when I am still working here at my office…

      Thanks once again and keep blogging and keep reading my blogs too…!!

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