Lost Life….!!!











Sitting idle

At one end

Waiting for the death

When I came to know I was a part to be included


Cried, Clasped

None to hold


Other than my feelings

As to why it was me


Tears initially meant to flow

Later on lost faith and path

As again I was dried


Creeping worries

Touching my soul

Pulling my hairs

As to why I was the one


When I tried to console

Every soul coming my way


My soul and body lost

For nothing called natures best

As I still couldn’t be my best


My worthiness of living was lost

As I couldn’t know my worth

As none knew my worth about



I stand in mourning

Drowning in quick sand

Clay to specify me

Dirt filled feelings

Rain meant to erase my tears

Wind meant to face off

Sun meant to dry off


Dying as a soul

Living as a heart in many


Rebirth of me

As a child

Onto your arms

As I wish to be child

With new dreams and aspiration

As my mother earlier, now and then…..



Image Source: Google Images

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