Flamboyant Whisper




Utter silence

Whispered in ears

Shared Feelings

Words from heart


Sometimes none

To hear and share


Shadow pretended

To play with lights

At darkness left me alone


Seeing in mirror

I was not alone

Reflecting replica

That I did all alone


Lying in the dark

Cry unseen

That I felt it was

Unheard and unseen


Scared and sacred

As I was unnatural

Weird in my way


Called a joker

Bringing smiles on other

Never thought of self

Way behind in life

A melancholic

Outcome of failure and depression


At times

Present, Past

Now and then

Couldn’t be a natural part called you


Resonance of these

Upcoming now and then

As I was swept away

By my weirdness

Again and again


Image Source: Google Images (http://gallygan.deviantart.com/art/sad-Joker-97115261)


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