Part of….

Pushing emotions

Plucking a flower for love, that you meant

Plucked a thorn, that never harms you


Persisting love

Perfect thoughts of living

Pre determined by your warmth hug

Post determined by hearing your smile in absence


Pleasure remains in unsaid words

Presence of togetherness


Patience in understanding

Powered by you


Positive beliefs laying my head onto your arms

Perception of truth in facing actual

Purity pacifying love togetherness


Painful in your absence especially when you cried

Paddling together when we tried to console each other

Pairing and stepping in every moment of our lives

‘P’ was for a flower called by your name called

 Pushpa my beloved wife




Image Source: Google Images 


2 thoughts on “P……..Love…….

  1. a very positive vibe in your words…shiv…like the starting of each sentence with P, nicely amalgamated words…to perfection…Very superb, fantastic….njoy your new found love shiv…!!! 🙂

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