As I am still alive… (Election 2014)







I am a normal human being who faces every problem in his life. Today elections coming around I am the most privileged common man with all those butter of varied taste coming in around.

As I am still alive…


In a debate with NDA, UPA, Third Front, AAP which are the beloved I suppose, left with only those which are mere not affecting any of these to form a government, but surely affecting a normal human being.


A debate who’s who is true, a secular, a rationalist, a nationalist which I still find among u guys. As even after so many years still finding flaws among you and blaming for what not done to this country.


I hope one day all judicial cases are solved, wherein all MLA/MP’s have got justice either to loot the country or either to be fare that they were made culprit and later rejoining one day said owned parties…


I wonder one day, all rape prone, acid attacks, molestations, easily vulnerable so called women, which we celebrate on March 8th as a women’s day for a day I suppose have a bit of justice in not delivering what has gone, in what they will see in near future.


 I hope my farmers have every knowledge of cultivating their land even when they are flood hit or barren, not by subsidizing in agricultural loans but by their knowledge and their wits for making younger generation towards keeping barren land more fertile.

I hope every endangered so called animals, who are much far away then justice than a human being, but surely every animal does have a right to live, as their fault was seen by you human beings as a prey for satisfaction worthwhile to you and still my soul as an animal unsaid remains in the air with all those unsaid words.


I hope one day every soldier who gets the most benefit of budget, in spending of arms and ammunitions by the government (by the percentage of budget so) but not in voting efficiency by staying far away or nor by cultivating a livelihood with their brotherhood in nearby nations but still living far away with their own family.

I hope one day, every student studying, sitting under street lights which was done mere before independence still does the same miracle at home, school, with every right of staying far away from hunger, a proper shelter and a hope again.


I hope every malnutrition child, which is said that our country amongst the top, gets enough food and livelihood. So that no childhood who could be a greater part of your party or a PM, President or sitting opposition would do, but was killed before they evolved.


I hope one day we solve, a common man’s so called problem, of distinguishing and breaking motherhood of India into so many called lands, where we still figure out, when we met different communities, caste, creed, language, and still every government tries to protect thereby selling others right of not being true to their benefit of vote.


And I still hope minorities being called still a minority by making every other and each other a minority for just a benefit of you.


And I hope one day so called corruption for the sake of fast process, based on money, which was the only sold thing of no value, will be betrayed by any of your government

And I still hope one day, media will give a verdict to every debate they do, for the sake of human being and not for just the sake of their living.


I hope every human being starts being a human for their nearby next generation, who haven’t seen this world, what we, you and every have seen and still we give the same, just for the sake of living and being something.


I hope one day, every human being treat s other a human being, with peace, love, care, affection with a kindness of being human.


And I hope this election does have a solution within, if not solve with opposition. As I still support every human being, but only solution lies within your hands.


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