Orphan Smiles….!!



Soaked in sweat

Led in hunger

Thirst of hour

As I try to nourish my younger one


Born bare foot

None to hold

Found a little one

To hold each other



At times thunder

At times storm

Everything new

As none to explain


Grasping each other

For fear of none

Hunger strike with empty bellies

Crying up with dried tears


Making castle in sand

Wearing rags

Playing with worn-out toys

Eating leftover



Begging for living

Smiling in pain

Feelings many

With whom to share


Gloomy evening getting dark

Initial fear surpassed with stars

Sleeping on floor with blanket of scars

Making sure younger gets dream


Fading vision of future

Scratching head for what next up

Still uplifting holding hand

So that smile in them remain at par


Image Source: Google Images


3 thoughts on “Orphan Smiles….!!

  1. I used to visit orphanages as volunteer in the past; many of those were for children with disabilities. Most of them kids with CP (cerebral palsy). I can recall those children’s smiles, but I had another experience, opposite to yours. Beautiful smiles of the kids who were given attention, always ready to play, who would grab you by the hand and drag in their children’s activities.

      • Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments are appreciated.

        It’s nice to know that children who had received the care in initial stage as you said, was at least to some extent it catered their needs.

        But in many developing and underdeveloped countries who are fighting against numerous internal issues(poverty, Corruption, malnutrition etc.). You will find many of them on the streets but as such this is not the ultimatum result or going to be.

        This was an attempt from me through my imagination (fiction) how it would be difficult to handle ones own situation, if someone was into this.

        In all whatever I have written is just one sided, but there will be many faces with many answers unwritten.

        Do keep visiting my blogs and your every comments will be helpful in my writings.

        Happy Blogging…!!

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