June’s devil

junes devil



Every other waiting for downpour

Droplets of unending thirst

A love unanswered

Never meant to down tear the tears


Unanswered me

Unanswered many queries

Still in the dilemma of being unknown


Unanswered to thyself

Answered only the silence within

For being true


Droplet of tears

Shared with oneself

As none could know

Feelings going on


A devil out to come

A storm rising in

Thunder surely hitting in

Either you or many


A devil rising in

For well worth of many

For the downfall of me


Never shared

And will never share

Unscrambled heart


Till this devil

Shows the outreach to many

That its existence existed too


Till this devil

For the power of diversity thought

Will surely lay a bed of roses to many

And a thorn within




Image Source: Google Images


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