Why me….!!!




Why me


Born as a female feticide


Born as a male dwelling


Born as an orphan


Born in a lower cast


Born with none around


Born with subtle nature within thyself


Born with tortures


Born with newborn diseases


Born disabled and mentally retarded




Why me…….


With all burden never sharing complete stomach to my family


With all empty stomachs still lay in bed with no sleep


With all riots happening around me, my family enrooted


With all brilliance no education


With none to wear a single piece of cloth


With no shelter famed with heat, rain and wind


With all skills none to play



Why me…..


With all friends still unfriendliness


With all love still hatred


With all emotions none to share


With all problems no solutions


With all dreams none to realize




Why me……..


A question now and then arises


A single line… A single word…. Why me….


With all truth lying in me


With all loneliness among many


With all weirdness who hardly thinks


With all negativity was always positive


With none to stand by


With none to say… Why me again…..!!


Still many questions lie in this heart…..


And I say why me again……!!!




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