No Stream of soltuons

Last don’t remember days how many days left….


But this time with a solution though



Prime Minister Sir Narendar Modiji and Ex Prime Minister Dr.Manhoman Singh Ji….. I salute you and every other who is handling this democratic country. Only you guys had something which made the world salute you.


And I am having soft corner on Shri. Atal Bhiari Vajpeeji and more than that Dr. APJ Kalam Sir who was boosting to every youth in this country.


I will speak today as countrymen who will at least agree I was right. For me I needed a safer country to rule in and to cultivate in.


As I know only to write may be not worth for you and nor to anyone. But surely I can make an attempt right. Being a part of this democratic country at least I can say something through my writing.


May be I will be wrong all along and may be true until it touch you and many. As for me you were all ideal in this present world. One was robust and one was calm and who handled in a poetic way and one who handled through his intelligence and softness of all as I take their name before too.



We see and all have witnessed brutal world, wherein people brutalize on kids and female. May be rape, abortion, kidnapping and killing and all our heart pains too…


We know many individuals who are unemployed with no work and NRGEA is just a rhythm with no solutions.


I thought when numerous NGO’s working upon who know the softness and vulnerable thing and the defense who know how to tackle the toughest then, why we can’t form a group of people who were efficient and truth for a cause henceforth


I mean a government approved NGO who works for the people who take care of senior citizen worries and who know about a child and especially a girl’s need


Who has an emergency number like 100, 101 etc which take cares only of them….

And let every child be educated as we see the brutelness in this democratic world called India


No matter how many cups we win in cricket, no matter how many medals we win in Olympics but matter was the internal self belief among these people. So let’s try to form from every organization and unemployed to educate and to safeguard everyone amongst us…


These were few messages and will keep on going on and no matter for me who is ruling and who is in opposition until my people live safely